ISO 18788 Security Operations Management System

Overview of ISO 18788 management system for private security operations (SOMS)
ISO 18788 is a management system standard published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 18788:
  1. is the world’s first standard in the area of private security;
  2. is a voluntary, internationally recognized standard that is practicable, effective and affordable to implement as well as independently auditable;
  3. is built on the principles found in International Human Rights Law  and International Humanitarian Law;
  4. is developed by ISO’s Technical Committee – ISO/TC 292, Security and resilience;
  5. provides:
    1. the principles and requirements for a security operations management system (SOMS);
    2. guidance for organizations that conduct or contract security operations;
    3. a business and risk management framework for the effective conduct of security operations; and
    4. assurance in the quality and expertise of security organizations working in complex and fragile environments.
Who Should Use ISO 18788?
  1. Any kind of organization involved in conducting or contracting security operations.
  2. Any organization that wants to establish, implement, operate, and maintain a security operations management system (SOMS).
  3. Any organization that wants to monitor, review and improve SOMS.
  4. Any organization that needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet client needs.
  5. Any organization that needs to assess its conformity with its stated security operations management policy.
  6. Any organizations and those who utilize security services to demonstrate conformance to the relevant legal obligations, and human rights requirements, as well as a commitment to the good practices related to operations of private security service.
Why Should You Use ISO 18788?
  1. It helps you establish, implement, maintain and improve a Security Operations Management System.
  2. It gives assurance that your organization has implemented effective management controls.
  3. It gives your organization the ability to determine and follow appropriate legal and regulatory guidelines.
  4. It demonstrates your commitment to continuously provide quality services that meet customers’ needs, and protect the customer’s and organization’s reputation while adhering to applicable laws and human rights requirements.
  5. You will be able to establish professional security operations to better meet the customer and stakeholder’s needs.
  6. You may face the risks and lost opportunities involved with not having an ISO 18788:
    • where ISO 18788 may be a legal or contractual requirement; and
    • you will potentially be eligible for more lucrative, large scale both government and private sector contracts that are only offered to organisations that have ISO 18788.
Ten Key Elements of ISO 18788:2015 SOMS
  1. Identifying your stakeholders. 
  2. Use of Plan-Do-Check-Act approach.
  3. Risk-based approach.
  4. Establishment of a business and risk management framework.
  5. Establishment of professional security operations.
  6. Constant development of security services.
  7. Ensuring customer safety and respect for human rights.
  8. Compliance with and accountability to applicable laws and regulations.
  9. Consistency with charitable commitments to which your organization subscribes.
  10. Supported and driven by the senior management team.
Why Private Security Services Are Needed?
  1. Growing urbanization and globalization.
  2. Frequent terror attacks.
  3. Shortage of police personnel (Low police People Ratio).
  4. Increase in the number of Banks/ ATMs/ Cash Vans.
  5. Increase in the number of public events.
  6. Increase in infrastructure-related crimes (sabotage).
  7. Increase in crime against women and minorities.
  8. Increase in overall crime rate.
  9. Increased concern for personal safety.
  10. Potential for an increase in security advisory services.
  11. Low cost of private security services.
  12. Government initiatives/regulations in favour of private security.
List of Some Private Security Operations
  1. Manned guarding.
  2. Executive protection.
  3. Cash Services.
  4. Canine squad.
  5. Event security.
  6. Security survey and consultancy.
  7. Command and control centre.
  8. Security audit across industries.
  9. Specialized women security through escort guarding.
  10. Facilities management through group company.
  11. Knowledge-based security advisories and white papers.
  12. Electronic security, surveillance and monitoring.
  13. Transport, traffic and pedestrian management.
  14. General safety and hazard identification.
  15. Recruitment and placement.
  16. Background verification.
  17. Aviation security.
  18. Mechanizes cleaning.
  19. Pest and termite control.
  20. Emergency response.
  21. Crowd management and segregation management.
Key Benefits of Implementing ISO 18788:2015
  1. Ensures enhanced quality, professionalism and productivity of private security organizations.
  2. Provides confidence to customers, governments and communities.
  3. Increases the potential for operational success.
  4. Demonstrates compliance with legal obligations and respect for human rights.
  5. Increases organizational productivity with the best practices and “Plan, Do, Check, Act” approach.
  6. Presents consistent and comprehensive means of demonstrating effective corporate governance from the board level to the physical delivery of services.
  7. Provides commitment to security operations best practices.
  8. Boosts the probability of operational success.
  9. Increases credibility and helps protect the reputation of the organization.
  10. Helps your customers also protect/enhance their reputation.
MLOK’s methodology and approach to making your company ISO 18788 complied for certification
We use the four stages of the most practical and methodological process to help you achieve ISO 18788 certification.

Stage 1: Planning
Conduct Kick-Off Meeting to:
  1. establish implementation schedule and plan;
  2. establish SOMS Committee Members;
  3. establish a documentation framework; and
  4. have a fundamental understanding of the requirements of ISO 18788.
Stage 2: Documentation
Drafting and writing of ISO 18788 compliant documents:
  1. SOMS Manual
    1. Supply chain and subcontractor mapping analysis (ISO 18788 Clause 4.1.4);
    2. SOMS process and sequence and their interaction;
    3. Security Operations Policy (ISO 18788 Clause 5.2.1);
    4. SOMS Objectives (ISO 18788 Clause 6.2);
    5. Statement of Conformance (ISO 18788 Clause 5.1.2);
    6. Whistleblowing Policy (ISO 18788 Clause 8.8.4);
    7. External & Internal Issues & Interested Parties (ISO 18788 Clause 4.1 & 4.2); and
    8. Organisation Chart (ISO 18788 Clause 5.3). 
  2. Job Description (ISO 18788 Clause 5.3).
  3. SOMS Security Operations Core Procedures.
  4. SOMS Supporting Process Procedures.
  5. SOMS System Procedures.
  6. SOMS Forms, Work Instructions and others.
Stage 3: Implementation
  1. Guidance and advice on the implementation of the documented SOMS.
  2. To conduct ISO 18788 SOMS Internal Audit Training.
  3. To conduct an ISO 18788  SOMS Internal Audit.
  4. To conduct an ISO 18788 SOMS Management Review Meeting.
Stage 4: External Audit
  • Stage 1 Documentation Audit by the Certification Body.
  • Rectification of Stage 1 Audit Finding issued by the Certification Body.
  • Stage 2 Audit Compliance Audit by the Certification Body.
  • Rectification of Stage 2 NCRs issued by the Certification Body.

You will then receive your ISO 18788 certificate.

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