ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System

Overview of ISO 39001:2012 road traffic safety (RTS) management systems — Requirements with guidance for use
ISO 39001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a road traffic safety (RTS) management system to enable organizations that interact with the road traffic system to reduce the risk of road-related death and serious injury.
The requirements include the development and implementation of an appropriate RTS policy and objectives and action plans, taking into account legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information on RTS elements and criteria relevant to the organization which the organization determines to be within its control and what impact it can have.
This standard was last reviewed and confirmed in 2018. Therefore this version remains current.

Who Should Use ISO 39001?
ISO 39001 applies to all organisations of any size whether government, public or private, that interact with the road traffic system, which may:
  • involve in the transportation of people and goods;
  • involve in the operation of facilities that generate demand for transport;
  • involve in personnel who are working in the road transport system;
  • involve in the design, building, operation and maintenance of roads and road environments;
  • involve in the design and production of cars, trucks and other road vehicles;
  • involve in providing emergency medical assistance to accident victims;
  • be taxi companies;
  • be bus operators;
  • be organisations with company fleets;
  • be road builders.
Any organization that wishes to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence and risk of death and serious injury associated with road traffic accidents.
Any organization that wishes to establish, implement, maintain and improve an RTS management system, assures itself of conformity with its stated RTS policy and demonstrates conformity with this International Standard.
The organization must have a process, that:
  • observes/evaluates the accident numbers, numbers of killed and injured persons;
  • provides a continuous improvement of traffic safety; and
  • observes and evaluates events, that are in connection with road traffic safety.

Why Should You Use ISO 39001?
It helps you establish, implement, maintain and improve a road traffic safety (RTS) management system.
It gives assurance that your organization has implemented effective management controls to proactively manage RTS risks, save lives, reduce lost productivity and demonstrate your commitment to both safety and social responsibility.
You may face the risks and lost opportunities involved with not having an ISO 39001:
  • where ISO 39001 may be a legal or contractual requirement; and
  • you will potentially be eligible for more lucrative, large scale both government and private sector contracts that are only offered to organisations that have ISO 39001.

ISO 39001:2012 requirements
Clause 4 Context of the organization
4.1        Understanding of the organization and its context            
4.2        Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties          
4.3        Determining the scope of the RTS management system 
4.4        RTS management system     
Clause 5 Leadership
5.1        Leadership and commitment      
5.2        Policy  
5.3        Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities         
Clause 6 Planning
6.1        General
6.2        Actions to address risks and opportunities 
6.3        RTS performance factors
6.4        RTS objectives and planning to achieve them
Clause 7 Support
7.1        Coordination
7.2        Resources        
7.3        Competence     
7.4        Awareness       
7.5        Communication
7.6        Documented information       
7.6.1     General
7.6.2     Creating and updating           
7.6.3     Control of documented information
Clause 8 Operation
8.1        Operational planning and control      
8.2        Emergency preparedness and response      
Clause 9 Performance evaluation
9.1        Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation         
9.2        Road traffic crash and other road traffic incident investigation     
9.3        Internal audit    
9.4        Management review  
Clause 10 Improvement
10.1      Nonconformity and corrective action     
10.2      Continual improvement

MLOK’s methodology and approach to making your company ISO 39001 complied for certification
We adopt four stages of the most practical and methodological process to help you certified for ISO 39001.

Stage 1: Planning
Conduct Kick-Off Meeting to:
  1. establish implementation schedule and plan;
  2. appoint RTS Committee;
  3. establish an ISO 39001 RTS documentation framework; and
  4. have a fundamental understanding of the requirements of ISO 39001.

Stage 2: Documentation
Drafting and writing documents  to comply with ISO 39001 requirements:
  1. RTS Manual;
  2. Job Description;
  3. RTS Core Procedures:
  4. RTS Supporting Process Procedures;
  5. RTS System Procedures; and
  6. RTS Forms, Work Instructions and others.

Stage 3: Implementation
  1. Guidance and advice on the implementation of the documented RTS.
  2. To conduct ISO 39001 RTS Internal Audit Training.
  3. To conduct an ISO 39001 RTS Internal Audit.
  4. To conduct an ISO 39001 RTS Management Review Meeting.

Stage 4: External Audit
  • Stage 1 Documentation Audit by the Certification Body.
  • Rectification of Stage 1 Audit Finding issued by the Certification Body.
  • Stage 2 Audit Compliance Audit by the Certification Body.
  • Rectification of Stage 2 NCRs issued by the Certification Body.

You will then receive your ISO 39001 certificate.

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